Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Heidy Ho!

A hearty heidy ho to the interweb surfers. I've been swamped recently -- look, soon, at and please register to vote because Triumph wants you to. It's all about Lulu, who spearheaded this project, yo. Thusly, due to swampiness, I haven't been saying much.

But I had a jack and coke as opposed to a jack and diet coke, thus I am riding high on a wave of mutilation. No! I mean a wave of caffeine. Cease to resist, giving my goodbye. Drive my car into the ocean. You think I'm dead, but I sail away. On a wave of Coca Cola Classic.

My lovely officemate Kelly and I were watching Ren perform backflips in his barn to let off steam, and we were quite bothered by the way the Lori Singer character refers to her father, the stern dance-hating preacherman played by John Lithgow, as "Daddy."

There's something phenomenally offputting about 16-year-old girls, ladies (if you will), who still call their father "Daddy." I suppose the immediate connotation is the sexual-conquest question (conquestion?) of "Who's your Daddy?" which is an expression that has always seemed vaguely icky no matter the circumstance. Because when a man fucks a woman, does he really want her to reply, "You! You're my daddy! Now buy me a pony!"

Beyond that, the reciprocal situation just doesn't happen: if you knew a sixteen year old boy who called his mother "Mommy," wouldn't you be concerned?

Like, the other characters in the Reverend Shaw Moore universe don't think it's weird that Ariel's all "Goodnight, Daddy." "All right, Daddy." "My Daddy hates me in these red boots." But if Ariel went over to Ren's house and he was all, "Okay, Mommy," she'd probably be all weirded out, and she'd run straight over to Sarah Jessica Parker during-her-gawky-phase and say, "That McCormick guy is really weird, he called his mom 'Mommy!'" And then S.J.P. would be all, "Eeeeew, gross, that's icky, but i've gotta go meet Helen Hunt for a choreography rehearsal."

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