Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The "To A Bush" Revolution

The "To A Bush?" Revolution

While we're rocking the Bloom County, let me share something from my mindheadworld. Oftimes, I say something and nobody responds. Inside my mindheadworld, I quip to myself, "To a Bush?"

It comes from the strip, which is included in a book called "Toons for Our Times," which is a Bloom County compendium that my aunt and uncle gave to my mom and dad in 1984. I read it religiously as a child.

It's really easy for to slip into a rant. And in just those moments, when I can't help it and I'm just blathering on, I like to think that at least the bush is listening. And sometimes, just thinking that the bush is listening makes me feel like it's a-okay to rant away about everything that makes me mad.

Now, we all know the Bush isn't listening, not to common sense, not to reason, not to basic human rights. So, I hearby initiate the To A Bush Revolution: We, the undersigned, hereby pledge to rant freely and frequently about all the shit that makes us mad, and we will imagine that both a bush and Bush are listening, and eventually if we rant hard enough, perhaps someone will take notice.

Here, let me start you off:
1. You want to put a fucking Jesus freak insane person who thinks that his imaginary friend named 'god' is more powerful than science in charge of health issues and reproductive rights????????
2. All people are created equal except for gay people because they shouldn't get married?????
3. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND FUCKING STATE. Can you stop asking your imaginary friend named 'god' to bless America?

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