Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Aaah, South California

... where the living is easy. i am darker than i've been since i was 10 or so. except for my thighs and my breastesses, which are ON FIRE. nude kite flying can do some supreme sun damage to one's aereolae. i miss you all. and love you more. and if you're in LA or San Diego and want to make out with me, please let me know. being with the loveyest couple of all time just makes me want to attack someone. in a sexual way, mind you, not a violent one.

i have to go carefully put on clothes to go be fabulous.


Serial Lady Killer said...

I'm not in LA or San Diego, but if you ever end up in Chicago, consider it a done deal.


Anonymous said...

hey, it's nathan again, just decided to post and say thanks for the fan appreciation section. also i do happen to live in the LA area.::wink wink:: have fun in so cal. Nathan