Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This Is Where We Keep The Dead Babies

monitor, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

You might think that this is a statue commemorating the historic ironship, The Monitor, but you would surely and sorely be mistaken.

It's actually Paul Bunyan -- dig those hunky pecs? Totally Paul Bunyan, kickin' back. He's in maxo-relaxo mode. He's propped one foot against some sort of pier-thing, and he just might be doing something naughty between his legs there.

The secret about this Paul Bunyan statue is that Paul lounges atop a hollow base. The base is filled with dead babies. Because we have a voraciously hungry panda, and he needs to eat babies.

Everyone knows that pandas eat babies. GROWL ME LOOKING FOR BABY TO EAT! BABY TO EAT! BABY TO EAT! I GOTS TO GET ME SOME BABIES TO EAT! ... that's what pandas say.

I strongly suggest getting yourself an attack panda. They're so cuddly and they disembowel your enemies. And if you have no enemies, they'll totally disembowel the guy who didn't call you back.

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