Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Polyphonic Spree + Mike Doughty = SO BEST. SO FUCKING BEST.

Aw, man. Oh man oh man oh man oh manischevitz. Tonight, Josh and I went to the first of two (double whammy!) kickawesome rock shows -- Mike Doughty + The Spreeee at Warsaw (longtime readers know I've been stoked about these shows since they were announced). Happy day, my Spree-buddy Mike Haigh was also there and we rocked out as the true dorks we are. We do hand gestures like nobody's fucking bidness, mofes.

The Spree was joyous and wondrous and once again I surrendered all self-consciousness and dignity and let my inner hippie reign supreme. Throughout the show, sparkly silver ribbons and confetti rained down over the crowd and I kept tying silver strands into my hair -- by the end of the show (in fact, right now, as i look at myself in the mirror, raccoon-eyes and all) I sort of resembled a space alien queen with silver Medusa hair. So best.

You gotta be (what?) GOOD! You gotta be (what?) STRONG! You gotta be (where?) 2000 PLACES (when?) AT ONCE!

And now, I must share the moment of the night to end all moments -- see, I am a ginormous Mike Doughty fan. As is Josh. Josh is the one who introduced me to the joys of Soul Coughing when we were frosh -- I'm a huge first album fan who got to the phenomenon a few years after it started. And I always lurfed Soul Coughing, but I really just lurfed the lyrics and Mike's voice -- I was always intrigued by the instrumentation but it was the poetry that slayed me. And so, frosh year, "Ruby Vroom" traversed our circle of friends, and we all became obsessed with the song "True Dreams of Wichita." Particularly the line "you had it but you sold it," which is still a phrase in my internal vernacular.

Anyhoodles... so I often have this dork-out problem with my friends who are musicians. Particularly when I am a megafan of a person who also happens to be my friend. And so, dork that I am, I yelled out "TRUE DREAMS OF WICHITA" when everyone was calling out song titles at Mike. And then he played the song. And, see, this song is my FAVORITE SONG EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD. And there's this one section where he sings:
"Gotta stand on the corner and bellow for mush,
Got a bomb
Got a baby bomb bomb
Gotta stand on the corner and bellow for my friend Tom"

And tonight, he sang:
"Gotta stand on the corner and bellow for my friend Bex"


A shout-out! In my favorite song of all time! COOLEST. MOMENT. EVER. I mean, I am so unworthy. How does one repay a gesture of such amazing magnitude?

Perhaps you're confused about the greatness of such a moment -- imagine, if you will, that your favorite song in all the world has a lyric in which someone's name is mentioned. Now imagine that the person who sings your favorite song in the world (the one song that you put on every mixtape you've ever made)replaces that name with YOUR NAME!

You'd be all, "now i can die in peace," right?

Fuckin' A.

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!
(Wow, how often am I happy? Mark this moment, friends, and treasure it as I cherish my shout-out).

And check it on out, Senor Doughty's new album drops May 3rd. Dropping like it's so fucking hot, mofes.

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