Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Tonight I went out with my best boyfriends and their boyfriends. Hooray, hooray, how I love the boys my boys have chosen. Especially when they like to sing Joni Mitchell songs with me -- calloo, callay!

I am in a happy mood. I woke up this morning and my body thought it was spring, so despite the fact that it feels as if there were a small rodent clawing at my uterus, everything was a-okay, my buddy. And then I got to work and all was good. And the day continued to get better. And then we had a lovely dinner in the east village. Life is pretty rad, despite the fact that my sinuses hurt and that rodent is still there. That's because it's the Tuesday of my chemically-induced menstruation. Damn you, chemicals! You make all the crazy so predicatable! Uterine lining starts pouring out on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning there is an angry rodent attempting to shred my womb from the inside out. Drat you, drat drat drat! I have friends who take the same pill (rhymes with "pazz-min") and they have the same response ... ladies? thoughts?

I have lots and lots of work to do tomorrow, and on top of all of that (i gotta get me a hat like that!), I am shooting All Access: Celebrity Feuds. Stay tuned for deets, although All Access: Awesomely Bad Career moves ought to air soon, I reckon.

In other news, today a friend and I decided to start a new nationwide dance craze. I think we're fucking ready, eh?

Happy Mardi Gras! I'd show you my breasts, but, meh? who hasn't already seen 'em?

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