Sunday, February 13, 2005

Holy Fuck! Best. Game. Ever.

Holy fuck! You want to play this game right now! You choose to be either a dictator or a tv sitcom character. The robot asks you a series of questions about the person you're pretending to be. You answer "yes" or "no" -- and then, eventually, the robot guesses who you're pretending to be!


(thanks to the also-illin'-like-a-villain, Milo George, for the get-well-soon linkage. he'd like you all to know he stumped it with the character "Susan" from Greg the Bunny. heh. that means Milo watched Greg the Bunny. heh.).

This game is SO BEST! (Can I steal "so best" from Please? It makes my heart happy).

Still sick. Don't these Grammys suck? In 1989, when Billy Joel was up for a Grammy for "we didn't start the fire," i cared about the grammys so much that i propped up my two page Billy Joel centerfold (from the Tower records freebie magazine) and lurfed it, and finally my dad said, "when was billy joel born?" and i said "1949," which i knew, because that's when W.D.S.T.F. starts and my dad said, "you know who else was born in 1949? me!" and then i lurfed Billy Joel no longer.

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