Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ah, the Superbowl Halftime Show / Isn't a NA NA A Boob?

Please, friends, let us not think two things when we think about the Superbowl Halftime Show. Think not, "What happened to Paul McCartney's nose? And then think not"Oh, I cannot hear "Live and Let Die" without hearing Weird Al's version of that song, done-up as "Chicken Pot Pie," but then, I cannot find Weird Al's own version online so ohdear, I must listen to this version by someone known as the "Weird Al Wannabe" who is, apparently, a Weird Al impersonator. Holy sweet Jebus. I just wrote "Weird Al impersonator" in my blog.

Also, think not that PAUL MCCARTNEY IS GANKING MY STYLE!I own the black star on red brand, bucko. That's why I wear that big star everyday -- it's my brand. The Bex-star brand. The Star-bex (heh heh, get it? FrappaMACCAmacchiochino, yo!) So, yo, Paul, let's you and me throw down. We haven't hung out since way back in March of 1999, brotha.

Actually, that bit is true. When I was in London, I was doing a lot of work for Tibet Fund, UK and they knew I was a theatrefag and they asked me if would stage manage their annual benefit (on March 10th, Tibetan Uprising Day). And I said SURE. And then it turned out that Annie Lennox and Sir Paul were performing so I got to meet them and try to act suave and sophisticated when I walked backstage to make an announcement and Sir Paul was sitting at the piano. I was 20 and I thought I was awesome, schmoozing with Paul McCartney like I was someone who schmoozed with people like Paul McCartney all the time. I asked him for an autograph for my mom and he declined, explaining that he doesn't do autographs because if he did, he would have signed so many things by now that they wouldn't mean anything, so he just doesn't do it. I think he meant "mean anything" as in personal memento or souvenir, not in a how-much-it-would-fetch-on ebay.

ALSO, friend, think not unto thyself "Just what were they doing with multi-colored signs in the audience? Methinks perhaps they spelled out "NA NA" and isn't a "NA NA" just another word for a boob?? Was it a subversive message implanted into the superbowl audience to cry out, nay, to herald and celebrate BOOBS? Let's hear it for BOOBS! BRING BACK THE BOOBS!" Who are these subversive agents of terror? Who could do such a thing? The UCB? Mayhaps. The Illuminati? Maybe them. Agents of Discordia? He he he. Someone somewhere is shouting "Hail Eris," right now, and for once, I will refrain from smirking at that person.

No wait, for reals, I rewound it on my tivo. At the end of Paul McCartney's performance of "Hey Jude," the stadium crowd hold up red, white and blue cards so that the crowd spells out "Na Na" (it also somewhat looks like the Pepsi logo, but it decidedly spells "Na Na.")

I can see the headline now: "Nanas at the Superbowl!" Can't be a halftime show without boobies, i guess.

Surely, the Producers of the show are the be blamed! CALL THE FCC! We must outlaw audiences and their damned, damned multi-colored cards once and for all.

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