Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day from My Kitties!

Check it on out. I am still sick. This is no fun anymore, and I'd like to go on record saying that my doctors suck because I can't get an appointment. But, look! My kitties are keeping me company. By hanging out in my underwear drawer. I guess it's nice and soft in there. So, yesterday, Milo sent me a lovely Valentine from his kitty. So I thought my kitties could send all of you a Valentine. Although, unto Valentine's Day, I say: "bah humbug." Because even though I profess not to care about it, I would really love to be somebunny's somebunny special.

When I was two or three (I know I was only 2 or 3 because I was still living in my old house), my dad gave me Valentine's card that was in the shape of a kitty and the kitty was fuzzy, and you could pet it. it was the best valentine ever. i hung it on my bulletin board, the one that hung between my "Rebecca" burlap name-art ("R is for Rainbows, Ribbons, Roses and for ... Rebecca!") and the felt little girl holding a balloon artwork in the yellow frame. And then we moved. And I had to throw that Valentine out. And I've never one of its equal. Oh, fuzzy kitty Valentine ... how I miss you.

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