Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Penguin Trips the Penguin!

This one penguin is walking, and then the other penguin trips him, and the first penguin fall-down-go-boom!

People keep sending me things to make me feel better. Kid bro' Adam sent me this movie, and we had the following discussion over IM:

Bex: he tripped the penguin!
Adam i know!
Adam: and he was a penguin!
Bex: i KNOW!

Adam also sent me this phunny-photo of a bunny wearing a pancake on his head.

That is just one of those univerally-funny things, folks -- a bunny wearing a pancake on its head.

Much like Jem, it is truly outrageous (-ly funny).

And not sad! Not sad at all, like a frog playing the banjo. Today, in yet another attempt to make me feel better, someone introduced me to Mike Doughty's song 'Frog and Banjo.' Someone else has already blogged this song(and they've done a damn fine job of it). "Let us contemplate the sadness of a banjo-playing frog. Let us examine the sadness. It's extremely sad. (when the banjo is plucked by the frog)."

This sort of thing is the exact sort of thing that makes me happy the world exists, despite my headache. You should hear this song. Stat. I would post it, but I don't own the rights. Perhaps you can root around a bit and find it. It's worth hearing. Because, sweet Jebus, he's right -- it's extremely sad, when a frog plays the banjo. even if he's singing about race relations or condemning stupid Disney characters because clearly the Muppets are far superior to Disney characters, even if Disney now owns the Muppets.

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