Monday, February 21, 2005

Baby, Why Don't We Go Down to Kokomo

As we all know, friends, I am soooooo stressed out and burnt out that I am just no fun anymore. For realsies. Therefore, I am going on a mini-vacay to BARBADOS where I will tan my skin to an unhealthy crisp and consume lots of rum. HOOOLAKA! I leave next Friday, so from now until then you'll have to deal with me
a) crowing about how excited i am to go to Barbados for the weekend
b) obsess about how i am not in bathingsuit shape
c) manifest every bit of anxiety i have ever manifested, particularly because i am going to barbados with a boy and that's mildly frightening (he's not a frightening boy, though. no worries).

1 comment:

mark said...

what is this boys phone number,bexy?? i want to call him and tell him what a lucky bastard he is to be going on a trip with you!!