Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Watch me on the MSNBC in my Underroos!

Watch me and Michael Musto on MSNBC, discussing Superman's gayness, Jesusness, and various other topics of ridiculousness.

Who's awesome? Me.

And, in case you missed my appearance last week on Scarborough Country discussing the Dixie Chicks and their anti-patriotism sentiment (in addition to their anti-Bush sentiment -- you go, Chix!), I found this handy-dandy transcript. Here are my best bits.

SCARBOROUGH: Bex, this really cuts both ways though, doesn‘t it? While it may enrage red state America, U.S. pop culture is even divided along party lines now. This will win her a lot of fans on the East Coast and the West Coast, won‘t it?

BEX SCHWARTZ, POP CULTURE COMMENTATOR, VH-1: Yes, I mean, I‘m not a huge fan of their music, but I‘m a big supporter of what they‘re saying. If you‘re someone who‘s in the public eye and you have the power to say something to change the way people think, use the power for good. If you‘re not happy with the way the country is being run, talk about it. I think she‘s doing a great job. I‘m going to go buy that album.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, and I think that‘s actually what‘s happening, Bex, where you‘ve got these women that are selling a lot of albums. They‘ve had great publicity, and yet it‘s hard for them to sell tickets in some of the more popular country venues where they made $63 million back in 2003. You think that‘s what‘s happening, people are buying the CDs, but don‘t want to go to the shows?

SCHWARTZ: Do you think that your musical tastes change because someone‘s ideology changes? I mean, it‘s the same music that people were enjoying back in 2003. I don‘t see why that should affect the way that they feel about the music. It‘s the artist and the art, you know, they‘re two separate issues. Buy tickets, people. Come on.
That's me - stickin' it to the man, one tv appearance at a time.

And remember, kids: use the power for good.

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