Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So I sure do hope you've already subscribed to the Toxic Pop podcast, but if you haven't already, you should mosdef watch the third one, which is up now and is totes-awes.

You'll see not just me and some super wonderful artstarness, but also the now-classic promo for a little show called "Wrong Fag to Fuck With," in which I played a little someone named Courtney Love.

If'n you're a fan of the Toxic Pop podcast, you should come see us LIVE!

Check this shiznit on out:
It's official! Toxic Pop will be presenting a screening at the Pioneer Theater in the East Village. On Sunday, September 10th at 7 PM, we'll be having a screening of "The Best of the Toxic Pop PoPcast" featuring the best segments produced throughout the summer along with outtakes, and shit that's just too dirty - even for the internet.

So buy your tickets now!

Thanks for the support, yo. Now, if you'll all forgive me, I must continue to drown myself in Celebreality.

PLEASE support the art stars by thinking ahead and buying your ticket NOW!! It would mean so much to the children.

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Arch Deluxe said...

Kraine is so itty-bitty, though? If you're going to hustle for the Gay Pimp, Bexy, I think you should at least insist on a venue that will hold the masses - as they'll probably want to see you.