Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bex on The Most

Yo People!
I'll be on Alison Stewart's show on MSNBC today ("The Most") at 3pm dishing Star Jones. Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Anonymous said...

Bex, just caught your commentary on MSNBC here in australia..I would encourage you to take a look at yourself making a commentary on Star Jones.I was neither a huge fan of hers nor really care however when i first saw you talking I was so appauled that someone in the media industry could have such a horrible nasty "holier than though" attitude, such arrogant speaking and nasty faces I was so shocked that you actually get paid to be mean and unprofessional i HAD to write!! Whatever your personal views and opinion are, and we all have them, to spread negative high school girl dramatics like S*#T looks really really bad on you. It is not hard to speak you mind while remaining dignified..i suggest talking properly,professionally and using a mirror. This jewish princess routine is far more annoying than any thing Star may have possibly done..look at yourself..others are judging you..just like you do them!
take care,

Anonymous said...

Bex. Don't worry. Claudia is actually the evil remnants of Fat Starr's gastric bypass surgery that have come back to life after being exposed to australian toxic waste. The superhero you are, you should easily be able to vanquish this unseemly villian.

Anonymous said...

Bex, Dear - Who are You? I have never heard of you until my MSNBC played you bitch-slapping Star Jones with your "She is so a nobody attitude". Who died and made you "somebody". I guess you got some press, but Barbara Walters put Star Jones' arch nemesis on the panel and she was supposed to sit down, shut up and act like business as usual? Barbara is no innocent and at her age, she should not even try to pretend. She just as soon showed Star the door with the appointment of O'donnell. Puhleeze. Rosie O'Donnell, has her "View" and she can keep it to herself, evident of the way her fans abandoned her when she became a angry psycho on her previous talk show that nobody watched. My view of "The View" is over. I hope Joy leaves and gets her own gig, too. Star should be proud, she did it "her way".