Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Toxic Pop -- the insiders guide to underground nyc

Friends, please subscribe to the Toxic Pop newsletter. It's my friend Tom's weekly rundown of all the hep-cat cool downtown art stuff you should see. And, hey, dig this: there's one of those newfangled video podcasts to which you can subscribe on itunes (for free!) Check it before you wreck it, and sign up by clicking this here purple button

And dig even further: I'm one of your hosts! You can check out this week's podcast at the Toxic Pop site or, just for my special readers, watch it right here:

In the second Toxic Pop Podcast, Bex and Dax "freestyle" at the Bowery Poetry Club, and bring you BadAss Burlesque, Rob Paravonian, and a classic promo from the 2000 Surf Comedy Festival.

Note: My persona, as host-person, is big ol' dork. I think you'll like it.

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