Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I saw Putin Kiss A Boy's Tummy

I found viddy!

... but I SWEAR I was just watching the news and I saw President Putin kiss a boy on the tummy. If it was real, it was the most surreal thing I have ever seen on the news. I must not be hallucinating because I found this article:

Putin Kisses Boy's Stomach
President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday stopped on a walk through the Kremlin to speak to a young boy before lifting up the boy's shirt and kissing the astonished youth on his stomach.

Putin was shown by state television chatting to graduates of military academies before he took a walk through one of the Kremlin's courtyards, often full of tourists.

He stopped and spoke to a young boy who appeared to be aged 4 or 5 and turned away shyly when asked his name.

"What is your name?" Putin asked, kneeling down in front of the fair-haired boy and holding him by the waist.

"Nikita," the clearly shocked boy answered, looking from side to side.

Putin then lifted the boy's shirt and kissed him on his stomach. The president then patted the boy on the head and walked off through a crowd of astonished tourists. (Reuters)


Arch Deluxe said...

Gross. I'm sure the folks at Reuters aren't expecting a Pulitzer for this, but are they prepared for all of the honors they'll be taking from the top Porn Stories sites?

I'm also currently adapting this news brief into an episode for "Law & Order: SVU."

Anonymous said...

Tsar Vladimir is telling the world...
or at least those who are
paying attention... that He
still is a man of mystery
and those that think they
know Him need to think again !

Tsar Kisses Tsarovich


ian m mccarty said...

Apparently, good ol' Puti just wanted to "stroke him like a cat"...

what happens when he sees a cat and wants to "kiss him like a boy"? I'm guessing the spacetime continuum rips apart a little...or at least gets a wee bit dizzy.