Monday, June 26, 2006

Pain in My Mofe'ing Neck

So I have this weird pinched nerve-y thing in my back/neck region that occasionally flares up and turns me into a Frankenstein type of stiff person, and it's excruciatingly painful and generally turns me into a raging bitch because I get frustrated and cranky and terse. And it flared up again this weekend, which made me sad, because I had all sorts of action-packed activities planned (well, going to the gym, anyway) and I couldn't do anything.

But this weekend was also Pride and it reminded me that my injury was officially five years old! Because five years ago this-Pride, I was at a rock show and this drunken Irish guy tackled me and I hurt my back/neck region, and then the next day was Pride and I walked around the West Village looking like a Frankenstein/Lurch stiff person! So maybe this weekend's flare up was just because my back/neck region was celebrating the anniversary of its ruin! And wouldn't that be both amazing (my neck/back region remembered!) and terrifying (does my neck/back region have its own consciousness?) at the same time!

Sorry for the lack of posts, tigers, but I'm prepping two large-and-in-charge projects at the same time, and my discretionary bloggy time has flown out the window. More soon, I promise.

PS: Yes, one project involves Celebreality. For a change.

PPS: More news on the other project. It's a doozy, and super stoke-a-riffic.

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