Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm on MSNBC Wednesday 6/21 at 11:45ish EST

Is Superman gay?
Oh, hell if I know. But it sure is fun to talk about.

That's why you should watch MSNBC tomorrow (Wednesday, 6/21) at around 11:45am EST (give or take a few minutes) to watch Michael Musto (from the Village Voice, duh) and Me (me) discuss Superman's GAYNESS and how he is SO GAY oh-my-goodness, Superman is so FABULOUSLY GAY because he's a big SUPERHOMOSEXUAL and he's gay. GAY GAY GAY. As gay as Batwoman. Super McGay! Faster than a speeding GAY BULLET! Able to leap over GAY buildings with a single GAY bound.

Or maybe he's not gay. Whatever. Faster than a speeding BREEDER bullet. Yawn.

But it's HI-LARIOUS that this is an actual news story. I'm so glad to contribute to the downfall of the American empire by appearing on a (somewhat) esteemed news program to have an intellectual (ha) discussion (ha) about whether Superman is or isn't gay.

And if you think I'm not wearing my Wonder Woman under-roos, you are surely mistaken. You should probably watch just to see my outfit.

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