Monday, June 05, 2006

Stalking Agent Cooper

So my Gawking of Kyle Machlachlan made the ol' Gawker Stalk today, but here it is for your vicarious celeb spotting pleasure:

I saw Kyle Maclachlan on Sunday on 24th/7th around 7:30pm. As previously Gawked, he is definitely rockin' a Da Vinci, although his appears to be tinted auburn. He was totally doing the 90s thing, with a technicolor striped shirt tucked into a pair of jeans. I mean, the shirt was BLOUSED. Who blouses their shirts anymore? Still and all, I couldn't believe I was mere steps away from Agent Cooper in the flesh.

I should mention that Agent Cooper was my first mega, mega, all-consuming celebrity crush. Oh, how I loved/love him still.


Anonymous said...

Gawker. Why have a life, when you can get wrapped up in someone else's?

Anonymous said...

That was damn good blog.