Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pluggity Plug! I'm doing BRUTAL HONESTY On Tuesday, March 7th!

Oh boy!
It's ...
Brutal Honesty's greatest hits!!!

What day?: Mar 7, 2006 (Tue)
Where?: Otto's Shrunken Head
Huh?: 538 East 14th Street (between a&b, I think)
When?: 8:00 PM
Blurby?: Sara Allocco, Brandy Barber , Bex Schwartz, friend-of-Bex Rachel Kramer Bussel and more come back to reprise their best Brutal Honesty stories from various shows. Hosted by Lianne Stokes, Becky Yamamoto, and Giulia Rozzi.

I'm a greatest hit! I'm a greatest hit!

Here are Project Runway's Greatest Musical Hits:

(I tell ya kids, this shit is what's getting me through the night ... and by "the night," I mean this KILLER FUCKING HEADACHE).

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