Sunday, March 12, 2006


wobulation, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Wobulation? What the hell is it? It arrived on a swizzle stick that looked an awful lot like a pregnancy test -- was it perhaps a device to see if one were wobulating?

Oh, my tummy hurts -- such wobulation! Sort of like a wobbly ovulation. If ones ovaries were weebles, for example, one might wobulate?

And this swizzle stick clearly commands one to SEARCH wobulation? As in: wobulation is a new Google? Or is it really just an imperative to search "Wobulation" ???

And thusly and henceforth:
We returned to Amy's apartment after celebrating Jay & Devra's engagement and Googled it -- note: in the era of Google, is ogle now pronouced oogling? And ought Boggle be better branded as Boogle? -- and lo, and behold, this is what we discovered:

Wobulation = some sort of HP-devloped printing technique involving overlapping pixels.

Poo. Borrrrr-ing. But I can promise you that from here on in when I have menstrual cramps, I will refer not only to the squirrel digging for acorns in my womb, but also to my wobulation.

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Anonymous said...

"Wobulation technology works by generating multiple sub-frames of data while an optical image shifting mechanism then displaces the projected image of each sub-frame by a non-integral number of pixels."

This sentance makes me feel like a squirrel is digging for acorns in my BRAIN.