Friday, March 17, 2006

Snakes on A Blog!

I'm proud to announce our new blog: SNAKES ON A BLOG!

Read Michelle's (my snakes-on-a-blogmate) official release right over here.

SNAKES ON A BLOG! SNAKES ON A BLOG! They're off of the plane and they're ON A BLOG! AAAARGH! ACK! EEEK! EEK!


Joe Zhang said...

Hey Bex, why don't you tell those assholes at VH1 to quit running those 6 minute long commercials for that stupid Hulk Hogan show!!!!

They're cutting out parts of other shows just to promote that slop!

E said...

uh, You do know there';s already a "Snakes on a Blog" Right?

Anonymous said...

Bex! Bex! You are THE SEX! Come back to Morphine Nation some time and visit your bestest buds on the internet! We have all your old posts wrapped in celophane in our Bex museum. They still smell minty fresh when we take them out on your birthday!