Friday, March 10, 2006


NO PENGUINS, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

Okay ... so I ordered 500 "No Penguins" stickers (actually, they're "do not freeze" stickers") and we're going to cut the "do not freeze" bits off the stickers, and then we're going to out gallivanting, plastering the city with "No Penguins" stickers. Particularly bar bathroom stalls, bus stops, lampposts, and the penguin habitats at the zoos and the aquaria. What? "No Penguins" stickers at the penguin habitat? What if I can put a "No Penguin" sticker on a Penguin? Will it be like matter and anti-matter? Will the penguin explode?

So ... I'm waiting for my stickers to arrive. But here's the deal ... do you live in a city or town where there's a zoo or an aquarium or some other sort of penguin habitat? Because all you will have to do is send me a SASE and I will send you some "No Penguins" stickers -- AND, because I am supremely awesome and because my best friend Josh thinks it's a swell idea, I will also send you a friendship pin. But!!! The stickers aren't here yet, thus the NO PENGUINS revolution can't start yet, but stay tuned for details.


Fred said...

I don't live near a zoo (with or without said penguins) but I thought it would be really funny to go to the video store and put the stickers on copies of "March of the penguins"

Timotab said...

me me me! I want some!

(and I'm one of Julio's friends if that helps...)

I feel a trip to the St Louis Zoo coming on ;)

How do I get your address to send you the SAE?

Harmony said...

OMG, so I was googled "no penguins" image search because I'm making myself and a friend a t-shirt with this exact image. See, long story, I'm a nurse and we got some medication in with this sticker on it and we thought the same thing--cut off the bottom and put it in a random unexpected place, so we did. No one got it, but we did. Yay for amazing like-minded folk!