Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh Boy, Taxes!!!

Oh lord. It took ten FRACKING hours at my tax guru today. OH LORD. OH LORDY LORDY LORD. Me so cranky. Me so grumpypants. Me so low low low blood sugar.

Ack ack ack ack ack. Please stick ten inch knitting needles into my eyes -- NOW.

But in happy news, I met lovely people!

A detailed account of the epic ordeal to come. But for now, I need to scream. Extensively.


Anonymous said...

Bex -
Have to let you know that chatting with you at the tax guru was a highlight. The lowlight? He finally did my taxes at 2AM (and I was not even last). I noticed that I messed something up on my taxes (insert scream here) and I had to go back at 3AM to ask him to fix it. Thus, I was officially last in the line. He finally finished Francesca's taxes at 4AM (no joke) but before he could fix my taxes, "Taxman" passed out and fell dead asleep. At 6AM, I realized that "Taxman" was in W2 dreamland and I had to come back. Care to join me at the end of April? By then we'll have so many more Brit, Katie and Angelina stories to share (just kidding)!...but seriously, if I had to be stuck there for hours and hours, you made it so much more pleasant - thank you! I look forward to watching your bright career on VH1.
All the best,

bex said...

Nancy - how do I get in touch with you??? My super slumber-party tax gal -- email me at == let's be real friends in real life!