Monday, February 27, 2006

I Had the Best Night Ever!: Best Night Ever: February 27th, 2006

Best Week Ever Blog: Best Night Ever: February 27th, 2006

Watch me, in my boudoir, recapping Sunday night's television awesomeness, in a podcast for Best Week Ever's new feature, "Best Night Ever."

One of my constant readers writes it in with a new turn-of-tongue: he suggests calling "Best Night Ever" (or BNE) a "beanie." Name it and claim it, Ian McCarty!


Ilovebawlz said...

teh Bexx0rz, are you teh engaged!? It looks like on your podcast you've got teh ringz0rz on your left hand!?

Ian McCarty said...

Hoo-ray! Now we just have to sit back and watch as Beanie fever sweeps across the land! And there is a severe shortage of Beanie-vaccine (or, to further neologize, Beanicine...or, alternately, vaceanie).

To contextualize my invention a bit: not only is 'Beanie' a vocalization of the acronym, it also has metaphorical significance. As a beanie, the headgear, if used wisely and carefully, has a definite amount of esoteric hipness combined with self-aware postmodern absurdity, so does Beanie the vidcast.

And, conversely, both could be supremely lame if ungainly employed.

Of course the latter is inconceivable on Planet Bex.

Sidebar: I epigram "Gray's Anatomy" (Granatomy) as "Like ER...but with sluts". C'est vrai, non?

Further sidbar-ness: I also starry-heart the Fall Out Boy. "Why don't you show me/ a little bit of spine/ you've been savin' for his"


Anonymous said...

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