Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meet Our Two New Bestest Friends, Cardinal and George

We spent our last night in Barbados -- (actually, it was our second "last night." Our first last night was Saturday because we were supposed to leave on Sunday, but then on Sunday we got to the airport and found out ((even though we'd called the airline and they confirmed that our flight was on time -- LIARS!!!)) that not only was our flight cancelled, but that we couldn't get on another flight until Tuesday. Shucks, right? Two extra days being "stranded" in the Barbados? The two extra days were extra-special because I spent the first few days of vacation feeling like my brain was melting out of my ears, and then we went to a clinic and the nice doctor gave me antibiotics and painkillers. The antibiotics are swell, even though it sucks to be on a beach-vacation and hear the instructions, "Stay out of the sun and don't drink alcohol" and the painkillers made me want to curl into a hole and die, so if anyone likes codeine, do let me know. Becaause I scream, you scream, we all scream for codeine, and I will never take it ever, ever again) -- at the Gap Bar, where we met these two lovely people. That's Cardinal on the left and George on the right.

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