Monday, August 09, 2004

Is this an insult or a compliment?

A friendly observer wrote in to inform me that someone on the vh1 message boards has called me a zagnut. It says "BEX IS A ZAGNUT."

What, pray tell, is a zagnut? According to this website:

Well. I've been called worse. I'm actually quite fine with being labeled a crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut bar -- that sounds scrumptious. Then people would bite me all the time. And, really, if I were to be any tasty combo of fattening yummyness, peanut butter and coconut sounds dreamalicious. Eat me, indeed.

Remind me to tell you about my new fave instafetish - being bitten whilst tied to tourist attractions. I think it could be a whole new category of sexuality.

In other news -- Emilio writes to say that he did not coin the phrase "brag of nature" -- in fact, John Milton said it and I failed to identity the source. some former English major I am. Thanks, Emilio! do you have a brother named Charlie?

An anonymous mama writes in to say that her son Teddy likes the intro cartoon that Peter Bernard created for the old Planet Bex website. Thanks, Baby Mama! Thanks, Teddy! I normally despise children but I will make an exception for you, young Teddy!

I was just informed that a2z guns and roses is going to rock your ass on august 17th at 10pm. set those tivos now. Here's VH1's a2z page for your bookmarking convenience -- right, because there's nothing more important than the scheduling of our next celebrity-fawning outpouring of alphabetized banality

1 comment:

Emilio said...

Bex, I am from Mexico and 'Chamaco' is the closest any of my brothers come to 'Charlie'.
"Zagnut", hmmm. I do hope thats a compliment. if its an insult, I wonder how a blind person even gets on the net to write that.
If it is indeed a candy bar, it may mean you are delicious, as your appearance suggests, and yes I would like some. I just turned 18 last Feb, so as an adult I opt to do as you say and Eat You, or Bite You while you are tied to a tourist attraction.