Thursday, August 12, 2004

First against the wall when the revolution comes, eh?

He's Queer, He's Outta Here.

New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey resigned today, announcing that he's a gay Amerikan who's been conducting an adulterous affair with another man.

Way to stand up for your self, Jimbo. Nice statement. Glad to see you're so full of self-esteem. Resigning from political office because you're gay is really such a positive move for gay rights. Especially these days, when gay people are enjoying so many more rights and privileges than ever before. You and the California Supreme Court ought to feel SO PROUD OF YOURSELVES for spreading the word of equality across this country.

McGreevey, you're a big ol' pussy.


Anonymous said...

Bex, Hahaha. Found you. How very funny. Good to see you at the wedding after 9 years? NE way, McGreevey was NOT gay. He had reached a transcendental level of omniscience, which he did not care to share. With the lumpen proletariate of New Jersey. Lumpen!!

Emilio said...

In interview with a vampire, Louis was turned into a vampire when Tom Cruise notice he wasnt wearing a wedding ring and notice that Louis was a vampire but had no vampire Pride. He was still so human, he was ashamed. That is because he had not been a vampire long enough to detach from his human emotions, i.e. morals.
Am I saying Gays are vampires? With all of the sucking, maybe, but the point is that he may have JUST become gay and therefore was still too straight to think it was right.