Thursday, April 21, 2005

Look, it's Me! Age 1.5! At Camp Nanny-Zaydee

bathingsuit, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

I just shot All Access Awesome Beach Bodies and the producer asked for some archival shots of me in beachlike situations. This photo was taken was I was about 1.5, I think. I'm standing in front of the backdoor of my grandparents' house in Poughkeepsie -- we had a plastic kiddie pool in the backyard and I think my cousin and I were playing in it. Aw, look. I'm just COVERED in babyfat. And check on out that sassysassy bathing suit.

We called it "Camp Nanny-Zaydee" because my cousin was jealous that his big sister was at real camp (Jew camp!) and so my mom and my aunt invented camp at my grand-rents' house. My grandmother is "Nanny" because she didn't want to be a Bubby or a Grandma, and my grandfather was Zaydee -- Zaydee Hal, to be exact. Because my dad's parents, down in Florida, are Bubby and Zaydee Sam.

(Heh. All these people keep finding my site by googling "bex schwartz nude." I hope this one sends 'em all reeling. Sickos!)

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