Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Amerika, Hurrah!

Words fail. I have watched this video four times and all I know is:

it kinda makes me long to move to Canadadia.

and, yes, it's for real.

But we're not moving to the Sleeping Giant to the North, land of lemmings and moose. We're moving to Chelsea, land of swanky bars, really buff men and our new apartment. I've been doing lots of work for Logo, so perhaps the whole move is just one giant write-off.

What color do I paint my bedroom? My grown up bedding is reddish/purple/gold (to match my Lenny Bruce poster). Help! Because, secretly, I want to live in a red bedroom. Which would make it seem like I live in a bordello. and Josh says Jed painted his bedroom red and went crizazy -- like the Yellow Wallpaper, but the Red Walls instead.

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