Thursday, April 07, 2005

Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck, Holy Fuck

SONY figured out a way to let you watch TV in your brain!

Thanks to my awesomerad buddy, Jason, I was hipped to this news about SONY's new patent. Jason said, "Are you ready for the future?"

I said: FUCK YEAH.

Then he told me about this new patent that puts "sights and sounds directly into your brain."

I read the article; as far as I can tell, it's non-retinae based stimulation of the visual neurons in the cortex. So you can "see" without actually seeing. Jason says it'll be like a helmet you put on and then you can watch tv in your brain.

Once I watched a cartoon in my brain. There was a happy cartoon cow and she was driving down a country road in a yellow car. I was coming down and my friend was having sex in the next room with this guy we picked up, and they were concerned that I was upset because they'd abandoned me, but I told them to go ahead and have a blast because I was very immersed in the cartoon. It was a great cartoon. It had songs.

Anyhoo. So this "Sony Dream Hat" (as Jason calls it) will let you watch tv (of cartoon cows, or otherwise) in your brain. Just like hallucinating, but for reals.

HOLY FUCK, the future is so here!

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