Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weekly Telemavision Round Up

OMFG, I cannot believe Jade survived last night's ANTM elimination. I mean: fur real. How does that woman sleep at night? What a nasty, nasty, conniving, manipulative, horrible horrible person. Mollie Sue was always a bit too Suicide Girls for my Top Model tastes, but HOW THE FUCK IS JADE STILL THERE? She makes me feel that burning sensation in the back of my throat that happens when you burp vomit.

OMFG, why does Lost continue to be almost awesome but NOT? I get it, I get it, Hurley's imaginary friend who was Charlotte's Jewish husband was just a manifestation of Hurley's inner neurosis/psychosis whatever, but what the hell am I supposed to take from the fact that Libby was also nuts? POOP ON YOU, LOST. POOP ON YOU.

OMFG, America kicked off Mandisa? How about horrible horrible Bucky? Or WTF-is-the-fuss-about can't-sing Taylor? Admittedly, Ace is mildly dreamy (if I were 16) and I think that Paris is fine in a big-voice/teensy-person way, and I'm okay with McPhee although I think she's a one-trick-pony (and not of the Paul Simon variety). But I truly thought this was the season America was finally ready to accept the big, black belter. Color me wrong. America, how could you. You are a stupid nation of idiots for voting off Mandisa and keeping horrible horrible Bucky.

AMERICA! WTF, America? You vote off Mandisa? And you haven't yet voted to impeach our President? Even after today's revelation that HE WAS THE MOFE'ING PERSON WHO AUTHORIZED THAT LEAK TO THE TIMES!!!! How you gonna take that?


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Plus, that Lost storyline was "borrowed" from Buffy. But I'll keep watching anyway.

The Paradox said...

Hey Bex. I've haven't got much time to talk, so I'll be brief:

WTF! Jade is STILL on ANTM ??? That Sucks !!!

esther is right, in fact, I think I taped that episode when it aired on TV.

And Americans can't vote right - they proved that when Mandisa left Idol.

I hear you Bexi. Something's is very odd here. TV show's and Americans are starting to act more dumber then usual.....

or ARE they ????? LOL