Thursday, April 06, 2006

OMG, Pumpkin from Flavor of Love is Going To Gay-Marry Her Girlfriend!

Breaking news!!
Brooke Thompson, aka "Pumpkin" from Flavor of Love is going to gay-marry her girlfriend!

I guess that after you come in 3rd in a contest to woo Flavor Flav, perhaps you re-evaluate several of your life choices.

"Pumpkin" has led a tumultuous life since Flavor of Love ended. Popculturevultures will recall that she was recently fired from her gig as a substitute teacher because all the schoolkids were gawking at her ... sure, "gawking." Not because she spit in someone's face whilst calling her a tranny (such upstanding morals and values!).

Just for the mammaries:

And, while we're at it, people keep sending me the "New York's Greatest Moments" video. It makes me physically ill, but you VH1 viewers seem to dig on it, so, meh. Here:

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