Monday, April 03, 2006

Hey, "The Truth" - How About Not Keeping Doggies in Cages, You Buttfucks?

So surely (and those of you not named Shirley) you've seen those PSA's by The Truth about how Big Tobacco is eeeevil and smoking is bad for you.

Granted, Big Tobacco is evil and smoking is bad for you.

But ... they're airing this spot called "Fang" wherein there's an angry doggie named "Fang" who snarls and growls in a cage. And no one wants to pet him. growl

And then Ms. Truth changes his name to "Fluffy" but people are still reluctant to pet him. Why? Because he's snarling and growling and yipping and nasty-looking.

Why? Because the fuckers at The Truth keep him in a little tiny cage!
According to The Truth, the "Fang" spot illustrates this point:
"According to one tobacco company VP, in 2001, a company name change could focus attention away from tobacco." So, like, changing a cigarette's name from "Coffin Nail" to "Pretty Meadow Filled with Butterflies" doesn't hide the fact that cigarettes are bad. Thus, changing the poor dog's name from "Fang" to "Fluffy" doesn't hide the fact that he's being mistreated and should be let out of the godforsaken tiny cage.

The Truth doesn't seem to have any qualms about animal cruelty. Check out this *adorable* cartoon on their website prompting you to watch the "Fang" spot:


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Anonymous said...

Hey I am a huge dog lover and I would never want to see anything bad happen to them or any other animal. However, I think you should take into consideration that they are using a dog to help communicate how bad tobacco companies are. I'm sure that dog was a trained dog and was in no way harmed in shooting that commercial. So maybe you should relax a little bit and think before you write.