Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dodge Caliber - Deflects Magic?

So there's this spot for the Dodge Caliber that is apparently causing lots of controversy.

The ad shows this fairy flying around and blasting things with her magic wand. The spot is controversial because this butch-looking dude says "Silly little fairy" after she smashes into a wall, and so she turns him into a "Cute" guy walking "wimpy" dogs. And that's offensive.

Anyhoo - so over the course of the spot she waves her wand and turns a building into a candy castle, and a train into a toy Christmas train, but she blasts the Dodge Caliber and her magic is deflected. Alas, she can't trasnsform the Dodge! What anguish! She tries and tries, but her magical pixiedust bounces right off the car. A-lack! A-day! Oh woe! Oy vey! (And then she flies off in a tizzy and smacks into the aforementioned wall, and then the "silly fairy" controversy bit starts). And then we get the tagline:
The new Dodge Caliber: ANYTHING BUT CUTE.

The thing is, I honestly didn't get that she was turning things cute.

The whole time I was watching the spot, I was sure the tagline was going to be:

And I actually sat there and thought to myself, "Wait -- this car deflects magic? But don't you WANT your car to be blasted by a fairy's magic wand? Perhaps she could make your car grow wings like a beautiful pegasus. Or perhaps your car could be like a magical paintingbox, and its exterior shall be made out of watercolors! And if you had a magical cat named Mortimer, he could perhaps dip the tip of his tail right into the watercolors on your paintingbox car and you could paint rainbows across the sky!"

And then I thought: "Who in the world would want a car that deflects magic?"

And then I realized: They're marketing this car to fundamentalist christians.

Perhaps you'd like to watch the spot. But don't think "Anything but cute." Think "This car deflects magic" and see where that gets you.

Thanks to Jalopnik for the link.

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lauren said...

My goodness! I had the SAME THOUGHTS about this ad and the magic deflection!

And then I thought, who's ever considered anything Dodge makes to be even vaguely cute? Are their feelings hurt and they're overcompensating?

And didn't they make the Scamp? A cute name, but really, not at all a cute car.

Dodge has some serious issues with cute!!!