Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gatorade and Its Coat of Many Colors

cool blue, originally uploaded by starbexxx.

So we were watching the tv and we saw a spot for a new line of Gatorade called "Rain" and it made me think -- SWEET JESUS, there are so many flavors of Gatorade! And are there any people who are not flavor-loyal? And what if I were to sample every single flavor and variety of Gatorade and tell you about them? Because who knows what the hell "Rain" is supposed to taste like? And what does "Glacial Freeze" taste like? Or "Extremo Colon Blockage?"

And how many flavors are there? SO MANY!

And then I realized I could probably only handle maybe one per week, but, hey, all giant projects start small.

So today I'm sampling Gatorade Thirst Quencher - Cool Blue.

It doesn't taste blue. It tastes vaguely citrus-y -- maybe a little tangerine, a little orange lollipop? It's cloying and high-sugar content and, while it resembles that stuff in toilet bowls, it just tastes like faux-citrus plus a weird "blue raspberry"-esque aftertaste. Just wait til next Sunday when I try a new one! (or give up. we'll see how long my excitement lasts).

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Plantation said...

Heehee Bex. I'm guessing none of the flavors taste like their description. If you find one that's good, pls let me know. Happy Passover.