Sunday, September 18, 2005

West of the Jordan, East of the Rock of Gibraltar

Actually, I'm right below the Rock of Gibraltar. Actually-actually, I'm standing on the border between Spain and Gibraltar. You park your car in Spain and then you walk across an "airport" (one literally walks across the runway, it's bizarre) and then you're in the British colony of Gibraltar. Where there are MONKEYS!

And we climbed the Rock of Gibraltar. So now it exists as more than just a line in a Dylan song (West of the Jordan, East of the Rock of Gibraltar -- I see the burning of the stage, curtain risin' on a new age, see the groom still waitin' at the altar.)or the go-to destination for John to marry Yoko ("Peter Brown called to say: you can make it okay, you can married in Gibraltar near Spain!")

Full disclosure: it wasn't until I just now googled that Dylan song that I learned what the real lyrics are. For my whole life, I thought it was: "Where's Brother Jordan? He's down the Rock of Gibraltar." And then once I went to the Rock of Gibraltar, I thought that was so silly, because clearly Brother Jordan should have been UP the rock of Gibraltar, or perhaps even inside the Seige Tunnels IN the Rock of Gibraltar. But now I get it. Whoops.

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