Friday, September 23, 2005

Hell's to the Yeah! Turn Me Into A Diamond When I Kick the Bucket

Whoa. So I'm rocking the wiki, researching all the nastyshit of the diamond industry because I'm about to go shoot "All Access: Red Hot Red Carpet" 2005 and there are a lot of interview topics about celebs and their bling. In particular, I'm supposed to talk about Nelly's bling at the "Longest Yard" premiere, when he showed up fronting a platinum diamond-filled tooth plate (what the heche is a tooth plate? Let's ask wiki! Oh, poo, the don't know. And I can't find any photos. Sorry!) Anyhooski, so the question is: Do you think Nelly's diamond tooth plate affects his tastes? And I wanted to do the research so I could say: Tastes like financing terrorism! Tastes like slavery! Tastes like war-mongering!

But then I stumbled upon the wiki for Lifegem, and man, it is FAS-cinating. Lifegem turns the cremains of your loved ones into bee-you-tiful diamonds. (minus the slavery/terrorism aspect). A sample testimonial from their website reads:
Dear Rusty,
Well, I have my diamond and I can't thank you enough. It is much more beautiful than I could have imagined. Knowing that my Mother is in the stone and I can take her with me is an awsome feeling.

Oh, dear. And you do it for pets, too.

The mind reels.

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Gabe Morris said...

good photo essay