Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Was Pretending To Be On Lost

Oh boy! It's been so long since those freaky Others took Walt away... but, heavens to betsy, Lost premieres tonight!

On vacation, we went to a town called Canos de la Meca because we read in our trusty book that they had a vegematarian restaurant there. And, just by chance, they also had the most fabulous, boho beaches. Lots of dreadheaded hash-smokers, and lots of (yay) naturalists. My boo/boyf/beef snapped this photo - I was gazing in rapture at the limestone cliffs, imagining that I was trekking around the perimeter of the Lost island with Sayed, looking for Rousseau. Or something like that.

The restaurant was not actually vegematarian, but I had an egg-n-cheese crepe that was savory and tastykins.

Dig my sarong!

bex limestone, originally uploaded by starbexxx.


Richard said...

Nice pic! have you been laying out while wearing a sportsbra by any chance?

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I think you and Sayeed would make a rockin' couple. Happy belated birfday!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about this?

I think Bex should be nominated...