Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's A Small Hipster Bingo World After All

Remember a few years ago, when we were all emailing the hipster bingo board to each other? I totally thought that whoever created it was a total Trendy-Trendy-Bedford-Avenue (in the WB) type of hipster. But, he's not! He's from Columbus, Ohio! I didn't even know they HAD hipsters there (teasing, Ohio, teasing.) (I spent a week in Columbus, Ohio once way back in the day when I had a different job and I got so very inebriated on "red-headed sluts" that I consider Ohio to be one of the rockingest states. Especially because it's so much fun to say! Sufjan, do up Ohio next!!!)

Anyhoo, I met Ryan (author of hipster bingo) at a backyard veggie-bbq that my friend John invited me to attend. It was a Corn, Mushroom, Jicama bbq (get it -- CMJ? bwa ha!) and Say Hi To Your Mom (note: my very favoritest new trend is that singer-songwriters now go by quirky band names rather than their own names ... and it works so very well! HEARTS to the one-man bands!) performed and he's rad, and then Vanderslice once again sliced it wide open. I love his music and his new album is fabu, and you should pick it up right now, if only because one writer from popmatters wrote the most evocative bit of music review ever about what Pixel Revolt sounds like: "A summer nap where you wake up and someone is handing you iced coffee and is just about to break your heart." Lovely, just lovely.

Go, John Vanderslice! Go, Say Hi To Your Mom! Go, Hipsters in Columbus, Ohio!

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