Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Add THAT To The Ol' CV: Gay Penguin Expert for the BBC

So the BBC found out that Roy and Silo (The Central Park iconic gay penguins) broke up and Silo took up with Scrappy, a female penguin babe. And i guess they googled "Gay penguins" and they found my blog, because I wrote oh-so-obsessively about gay penguins back during the Logo-launching days. And so they called me and we did a brief interview that aired on the illustrious Beeb and they sent me an mp3 of the interview, which, if you're totally obsessed with gay penguins OR if you want to hear me trying to sound knowledge-y about gay penguins while the office is exploding around me and I'm coping with a sore throat, you can listen to it right here.

Me on the BBC? A dream come true! When I lived in London, I called Chris Evans' show once and won tickets to something because I recognized the quote "and the rowers keep on rowing" from Willy Wonka and he kept making me say "Wonka" because my American accent made it sound remarkably like "Wanker" to his ears. But now I have trumped my initial London radio appearance! HUZZAH!

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Carolyn said...

Ha ha ha! Just watched the gay penguin cartoon - hilarious! I Stone BBC.