Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Surprise Birfday Lunchtime Celebramations

My sneakysneaky workbuds surprised me at my audio session (mixing the first overview spot for 80s 3D) today! Who are these lovely people? Why, it's most of my department! Aren't they lovely people? Who could they be? Romper Bomper Stomper Boo, I look in my mirror and I see: adam & allin & rob gee & kiki & renee eating coco's hair & kelly & matt (who once played Swingers in our I love the 70s spot) and me, and I look like a fucking ginormous amazon.

And then Matt played the Bex's Greatest Birthday hits playlist, the emotional qualities of which led these three to serenade me in an impromptu recording studio on the floor of the actual recording studio. They're singing along to the acoustic version of Wilson Phillips' "Hold On." And, yes, they argued over who had to be Carnie. (Other big hits on the Bex's Fave Songs Used In Sessions Promoting Various Shows on Vh1 Since 2002: "Escape" by Enrique; "Can't Live Without Your Love and Affection" by Nelson, "Torn," the original version by Edna Swamp, and "America" by Neil Diamond, with which I'm currently obsessed. Thanks a latte, I Love the 80s 3D!)

And then Coco, bless her soul, got so caught up in the Kelly Clarkstillz she simply needed to sing "A Moment Like This." And we all slow-danced as if were on the beach, living in a Sandals commercial. Except, in our version, Sandals actually lets gay couples stay there.

And then I blew out the candles and we all ate cake. Kelly loves cake. I like the strawberries in the cake. And the roses atop said cake, of course. Such sneaky workbuds! Bringing on the surprise! LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!


Richard said...

Happy belated birthday!

Plantation said...

Uuhhhh....what Richard said :-)