Thursday, July 14, 2005

Syllogisms and Other Nuggets of Ick

So, I was watching the news at the gym the other day, and, I swear, Scott McLellan was speaking in syllogisms. His logic was something to the effect of "President Bush wouldn't surround himself with bad people, and he surrounds himself with Karl Rove, so clearly Karl Rove is not a bad person."

For anyone living in a cave: Karl Rove is a bad, bad person.

Also for anyone living in a cave: they're just shadows, you should really unchain yourself from the bench and go outside and look at the pretty flowers. Then you can be a Philosopher King!

And, for you cavedwellers, seeing as Bush pledged to fire the person who leaked Valerie Plame's cover, and seeing as Karl Rove was that person, it stands to reason that Bush needs to fire Karl Rove.

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