Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bonadooching It Up!

Heidy ho, tigers, I'm still in LA! We shot the most awesome stuff ever for the open and promo campaign for "Breaking Bonaduce" (premiering Sunday, September 11th!) and I must say: I am the biggest fan of Danny and Gretchen Bonaduce ever. They were so super rad and wonderful and open and honest and frank and generous and I just think they're the bees knees. And also the cats' pyjamas. More than one cat, that's how awesome they are.

And I have sooooo many stories about the week-in-LA thus far, but let me start with this one, and it's something I never thought I would tell you, but I might be on the tonight show with Jay Leno tonight or some night soon because we were driving to Ashton Kutcher's suckfest restaurant Dolce (aka La Dolce Suckfest) last night and hit a light right where Leno was taping some stand up on the street and we hollered at him our our car window. And he hollered back, and, although we ain't no hollaback girls, we had quite the hollering exchange of niceness. Even though I claimed that I hated Jay Leno, that is mosdef NOT what I shouted at him. Sigh.It's not my best moment, to be sure, but we were chock full of post-wrap adrenaline and it seemed like the thing to do at the time. For reals. Sigh.

I will soon regale you with tales of La Dolce Suckfest as well as tales of Lawry's Steakhouse and Creamy Mouth Feel and Danny Bonaduce's Bologna-Covered Dog and "Is Anyone at this table named Morrissey?" and various other stories of kickawesomeness.


Fuzzy said...

I am going to love this show!

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