Thursday, July 14, 2005

Launching Memes

I'm quite taken with the story of the word "spoffle" - (courtesy of Popbitch)
"Many moons ago, when Hugh Laurie and Sir Stephen of Fry were just becoming 'known', they were interviewed on a BBC radio show. Mr Fry asked what the foam covers on the end of the mics were called. To which Mr Laurie said, "They're called 'Spoffles' and they prevent what's known as 'Popping'". Mr Fry, the Host and the Engineer were all impressed by Mr Laurie's knowledge and the interview continued.

Years passed, and once again Fry and Laurie were in a radio studio. The Engineer said something like he'll just adjust the Spoffle. Mr Laurie says, "The what?" And the Engineer explains that this is what the foam things are called. "Good Lord," laughs Mr Laurie, "I made that word up on the spot years ago in a studio!"

And someday, friends, I hope you're all using the word (censored because I'm nice, but stick around because someday the word i wanted to use will reappear). My niceness is really bonadooching my humorjokes.

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