Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I am officially AWESOME

Hot diggity damn, and thanks to my anonymous tipster: I'm wiki'ed as a hipster. Oh, sweet Bwana Dik, this is the loveliest piece of infoporn ever.

Yeah, look "hipster" up in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and there I am, right alongside Christina Ricci and someone named Seth.

Thanks for the tipster, hipster-tipster!


Plantation said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Very cool.
Wonder if "Kramer" can be found under Hipster Dufus?

Plantation said...

Also wanted to reiterate that you are really hilarious. Tks for always making me laugh.

wonderbread74 said...

I saw you on MSNBC the other day. I had no idea what you had to say but you were hot!

I looked up "hot" on wikipedia and found you, Bea Arthur and Phyllis Diller.