Sunday, July 10, 2005

Shaving the Pussies and Other Weekend Details

Yes, it's true, folks, we shaved our pussies this weekend. One of them was relatively well-behaved and the other one cried bloody murder and we barely got any hair off. See, this new apartment we live in, it's kinda dusty. And when you add kitty fur to an already-dusty environment, it gets a little tough. Klaus is our bigger kittie, and he's a Russian Blue who sheds grey fur all over the couch -- to the extent that you can take a lint brush to the couch and roll off enough fur to make a little ball of hair that looks an awful lot like a rat. And the other kitty is Peter, and he's black and white and he gets hair all over the places that Klaus hasn't already covered. So my roomie decided we should shave them.

When I was younger, my fambly had a kitty named Ollie, who was the best cat ever, and he was really fat and he didn’t necessarily groom himself very well and he got mats in his hair and the vet shaved his back, the part above his tail, and he was fine (except he was soooo ashamed) so we figured that it would be fine to shave our cats, just a buzz cut really, and we’d do both of them so they wouldn’t be sooooo ashamed. My roomie has clippers that he uses to trim his hair, so we decided we’d use a longer-hair attachment and just sort of trim the cats. We got Klaus into the bathtub and it went okay – we trimmed most of his longer hair. He didn’t like being restrained in the tub, but he was okay with the buzzer. But Peter FREAKED out. He didn’t like the noise of the trimmer and his hair is a lot finer and we couldn’t really sheer him at all and he howled and made pitiful mews so let him go.

I heard the best explanation for being anti the new wave of Boho fashion. Everytime I go shopping, I see all these long hippie skirts and peasant blouses and all sorts of ruffly, frilly light things. And I just can’t buy ‘em. I was talking to a friend on Saturday night, and she, too, was a hippie-chick in high school. And she said, in re: these skirts that are everywhere: “I can’t add anything to my warbdrobe that I’ve already thrown out.” And I was like, THAT’s IT! I wore all these clothes in high school and I don’t wear ‘em anymore and that’s why I will not buy them again.

My brain feels better, knowing that.

And I feel happy in general. Just like good ol’ Dr. Lao says: ‘I’m alive and being alive is fantastic!”

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