Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quote O' The Day

So I'm screening some rough cuts of I Love the 80s 3D and following along with the scripts ... just the day job, you know, same ol' same ol'... And, see, every so often on Planet Bex something tickles my fancy (in a nondirty way) and I start laughing uproariously until my mascara and glitter stream down my face in rivulets of ex-glam. Like when I was obsessed with the singing bush from "Three Amigos," singing "Jimmy Crack Corn," or like when I came up with this brilliant joke: what do you get when you cross Kafka and Snow White? A Metamorphosis / Get-a-Dwarf-to-Kiss (it rhymes!) (and, back off, I was 10).

Anyhoo, so I'm leafing through these transcripts and I came across this gem during the "Short Circuit" segment in "I love 1986."

S/U (sound up): JOHNNY 5 flipping through encyclopedia and making this noise: "awlalalalazezealwalalawala ahhhhhhhh. More input, Stephanie, more!"

Steph: "There isn't any more, you read everything in the house!"

And for some reason, that transcription of the noise he's making struck me as the very fucking funniest thing EVER of all time EVER EVER EVER.

Awlalalalazezealwalalawala !

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