Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MEDIA ALERT: Bex on MSNBC Tomorrow Morning

That's right -- Wednesday, 5/24, 10:15am (Eastern time. 7:15am for you lot in the Calimafornia) -- I will be on the MSNBC as your favorite pop culture comediator (commentator + comedian), talking about American Idol. Why? Because I am AWESOME.


Tigre said...

Good luck with all of that, hope you blow them away. Cool blog "Bex". Is that your name or just the site's thing.

Anonymous said...

I got my home made Linux DVR (TiVo) locked and loaded.

Here is a plug for Metal Month!
Yah Satan! ;-)

While we are on the subject of TV (mind control), here is an interesting book! ISBN 0740726935

Anyone want to help me join the mile high club? Smoking hot women only need reply.

Here are some examples of smoking hot women.

Esther Kustanowitz said...

I can't really promise to watch, as I can't really promise to remember to watch. But with MSNBC in the AM and RAMAH in the PM, you've got quite a day ahead of you.