Monday, May 15, 2006

Caution: Chain Gang

So whenever I used to drive to college, I'd pass all these signs on the side of the road. We didn't have these signs in New Jersey (we didn't have a lot of things in New Jersey, such as the ability to pump our own gas, the fast-food/smoothie chain called "Sonic," and fresh air), so I thought the road signs were native to Connecticut.

I also thought they meant "Caution: Chain Gang."

Also, I had a dream two nights ago that Taylor Hicks is the one who gets kicked off American Idol this week. Not that I have a tendency towards psychic dreams, I'm just sayin'.


Plantation said...

"Idle" sux.

Anonymous said...

Idle is awsome, and I have proof, because I know how the make an HTML tag that connects you via coral the "proxy"! See: The real Idol site!

But what do I know, I have never watched a whole episode! I am too busy working on my typing skills to maximize my use of this charicator ! The ban charicator! Chitty Chitty !!

Plus, never trust anyone that is "anonymous"!

Me thinks your sign is mssing something, but what could that be? Oh, wait, I know a no Penguin sign.

Julio said...
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